RMS Action Pane missing

FAQ Question

I create a new RMS report, but the RMS Action Pane is missing in Microsoft Excel.


This problem may be caused by various reasons:

1. Wrong version of Microsoft Office

      The following Office Editions do NOT work with RMS
      (because these versions do not support Microsoft VSTO).

  •     Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003
  •     Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
  •     Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003
  •     Microsoft Office Basic Edition 2003
  •     Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 Trial

2. Missing components from the Office installation

      We have seen this problem when the component “Visual Basic for Office applications” is missing, but there can be other dependencies too, so make sure all shared Microsoft Office components are installed.

3. Using a localized language version of Windows XP. See the related Microsoft knowledge base article here.

4. Path to the assembly is not set correctly in the report template

    You can use the program setassemblypath.exe to fix this issue.

    Usage: SetAssemblyPath “path to rms.dll” [“path to report template”]

    Example: setassemblypath “c:\program files\7T\IGSS32\v7.0\gss” “F:\Documents\report_tmp.xls”

    If no report template is given rms.xls and rmsbook.xls is stamped with the assembly path, these two files are used when generating new templates. This can fix problems with generating new templates.

5. Machine Policy security level not set to full trust for IGSS

    This is usally set when installing IGSS, but in some security enviroments it cannot be set by the installer.

    You can manually set this by running the following command:

    C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol -q -m -ag My_Computer_Zone -url “c:\program files\7T\IGSS32\v7.0\gss\*” FullTrust -n IGSS32V7

    This adds the group My_Computer_Zone to the code group hieracy and sets the FullTrust permission to the IGSS programs.