Reports or graphs fail on Windows 2003 Server

FAQ Question

I’ve experienced a problem when trying to generate reports and/or graphs when connected as a Thin Client logged on to a Windows 2003 Server.

How do I solve this problem?


Make sure the user has the appropriate access rights (Full Access) to the IGSS report folder. This is a common problem, if the report folder is located on a different PC than the Windows 2003 Server.

Try to access and modify files in the folder manually, when you´re logged on as a Thin Client. If you can´t, you must change the user´s right to do so.

The problem may be isolated to opening the .mdb files (like the Genhdm.mdb) in the folder. If accessing and modifying these files alone is the problem, try the following solution:

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • In the Tools menu, choose Internet Options.
  • Choose the Security tab.
  • Pick Trusted sites, and press the button Sites.
  • Clear the check box Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone.
  • Add the URL to your report folder as a trusted site.