Preventing wild, unrealistic values in periodical reports

FAQ Question

In certain cases, data reductions are producing “wild” and unrealistic values in the periodical reports. This can be very annoying when trying to compare reports and calculate statistics. How can I prevent these wild values? 


The wild, unrealistic values can occur in three different situations:

  1. You have lost you ELV file or don’t have any because you are at your initial deployment of a new IGSS project.
    Data reduction is then based on default values from Definition.
  2. Wrong values in ELV files. Typically if you take an older ELV file from a backup.
  3. Wrong values in PLC. Typically if you by accident reset counters when downloading new programs or after breakdown.

Windows Registry Keys available
You can control the handling of data reductions using this Windows Registry key:



Registry  keyDescription
0None of the above situations are handled.
1 (default)The first scenario is handled. In this mode, default values from the ELV file will never be used in data reductions.
2All three scenarios will be handled.
In this case neither default values nor values saved in ELV files will be used for data reductions.There are two remarks:
– If you have counters in your PLC, any counting done when IGSS is not online, will not be included in reduced data
– The wrong PLC values will only be handled, if IGSS is stopped when the PLC is updated.