IGSS Update Fails Without Warning

FAQ Question

I’ve tried to update my IGSS software by using the IGSS Update utility present in the IGSS software package, which automatically connects to the 7-Technologies server via the Internet and downloads the latest IGSS program updates. Every time I try to run the update, however, it suddenly terminates without warning. How can I solve this problem?


The problem arises because of limitations in the Microsoft .NET 1.1 platform, which is an integrated part of the IGSS software package. If the PC on which the IGSS Update utility resides has more than 50 protocol bindings, then the connection to the 7-Technologies server on the Internet will fail without warning.

To determine how many protocol bindings are present on the PC, a small executable from Microsoft called enum.exe must be run on the PC in question. If the number exceeds 50, then remedial action must be taken to remove the protocol bindings no longer needed. A full description of the steps to be taken are found in the document entitled BUG: You receive a “The operation has timed-out” error message when you access a Web service or when you use the IPAddress class, which is located at the Microsoft Support web address as follows: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;815209