System Alarm when disk not full

FAQ Question

A few minutes after starting up my IGSS system by pressing the IGSS Starter icon, I suddenly receive the following System Alarm:

But my disk is not full. What’s the cause of the alarm?


To remove the popup Alarm box acknowledge the Alarm.


The System Alarm can also be triggered if there is no access to the report folder for the IGSS configuration in a multi-user system. At startup, the DC program attempts to write a test file to the report folder and if this fails, the System Alarm comes up. Investigate the following two conditions to remedy the problem:
  • On the IGSS server PC, go into the System Configuration module and select the server station as “This PC” in the tree view on the left. Then look on the tab “Configuration” in the field under “Report folder” to check that the path is correctly keyed in as a so-called UNC path. Correct possible errors here.
  • In Windows — Explore find the folder used as the report folder and make sure that it’s shared properly and make sure that the permissions “Read” and Write” have been allocated to it. Correct possible errors here.
This ought to prevent you getting the System Alarm again if you remembered to acknowledge it the very first time it appeared.