Table objects missing in periodical report format

FAQ Question

I’ve created a report format and want to include a table object. But I can’t its name in the object list, even though I’ve clicked the Update Hist. Data button as described in the help system. Why?


When you click the Update Hist. Data button, it fetches data from both the configuration and the database holding the reduced data (Genhdm.mdb).

If the configuration has never been running after the table object was introduced or the configuration is just converted from an earlier version of IGSS, the data is not available. After the system has been collecting data for approximately one hour, the data will be available and the table object can be imported into the report format by pressing the Update Hist. Data button.

If you want to speed up this procedure, you can do the following:

  1.  Start the system and let it collect data for a few minutes.
  2.  Stop the system.
  3.  Start the program GENHDM.EXE (located in your \Gss folder).
  4.  In the Action menu, choose Run genhdm.When this task is complete, the message Closing DB…. appears.
  5.  You are now ready to import your table object into your report format.