VBA memory error

FAQ Question

When I start my IGSS on a thin client I get a VBA memory error. How do I avoid this?


This error occurs only for IGSS thin clients. The VBA application in IGSS uses the same memory area for all clients, and when the second, third, fourth and so on client logs on to IGSS, the client’s VBA application will load and attempt to access the same memory area.

To avoid this VBA error you can run the command def –h in the Windows start command line before you run the IGSS Master.

We recommend using a Windows login script so users will not have to remember to run def –h before they start IGSSMaster

In the Windows Start folder, create a .BAT or .CMD file and name the file Login.CMD or Login.BAT.

The script can look this (REM = comment)


REM map Z: on File server 


net use Z: \\server\home\%username%


REM All users MOST have their own copy of the IGSS Conf.

subst f: c:\IGSS_config\user\%user name%


REM VBA mem fix

def -h


REM start IGSS