ERW not compatible with NetBEUI

FAQ Question

I try to start ERW up from an operator station in an IGSS multi-user system. It begins to load its program modules and suddenly it halts and the following message comes up on the screen.

How do I resolve this?


Because the problem is in the Microsoft XP Office environment, the solution is to download the attached Microsoft OCX file below called MSCAL.OCX, copy it to the folder containing Microsoft Office OCX files and then register it with the regsvr32 utility. Follow precisely the steps below.

  1. Use the Windows Search to find the default MSCAL.OCX file. There are most likely several files with this name. IMPORTANT: The one to be replaced is located in a sub-folder under the Microsoft Office folder, which is called Office10.
  2. Unzip the file and extract to and overwrite the existing MSCAL.OCX in the Office10 sub-folder.
  3. Start a command prompt and type regsrv32 [Office10 path]\MSCAL.OCX
  4. A successful installation results in the message: DllRegisterServer in mscal.ocx succeeded.