IGSS version number naming

FAQ Question
How do I interpret the IGSS version numbers I see when I right click on an IGSS program or utility and then go into the Version tab on the right click menu?

IGSS version naming occurs as a whole number followed by three decimal points. The first two decimals are not presently used. The last decimal is significant, however.

On the Version tab of an IGSS program or module, one might see the following digit notation:

  • 8.0.0 stands for main version 8, subversion 0 (not currently used) and secondary subversion 0 (not currently used).
  • 9212 stands for the build number and is interpreted like this:
    • first digit 9 represents the year of release, in other words 2009.
    • the next three digits, 212, represent the day of the year in 2009 when the software was originally released, or if updates have been issued since the original release, then the digits represent the newst date for software release. In this example, 212 represnts the date July 31, 2009