Can’t print from Terminal Server

FAQ Question
I can’t seem to print using my Microsoft Terminal Server (Thin Client) solution with IGSS. I’m not able to print screen shots nor graphs from my IGSS application. I’m using Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with SP3. Is there a solution to this problem?

The problem lies in the Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3 software, which contains a fault. This same problem will also appear when using Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Advanced Server if SP3 also has been installed. The problem appears sporadically and arises when you attempt to print to redirected local printers if the document that is being printed is opened from a mapped network drive. The document seems to be printed, but in fact is not.

Microsoft has announced that the problem in SP3 will be corrected in the upcoming SP4. Microsoft has a supported fix available but it is only intended to correct this specific problem, and further testing of the fix may be carried out by Microsoft. Therefore, if the user is not severely affected by this problem, Microsoft recommends waiting for the next service pack containing the fix.

If, however, you must resolve the problem immediately, then you must contact Microsoft Product Support Services to request the fix. (See contact details in the Knowledge Base document below.)

There is a full description of the problem and a workaround without applying the hot fix in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. To view the Knowledge Base document, click the link below.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 328020