Alarm on failure of historical data backup

FAQ Question
How can I monitor whether my back-up of historical data is functioning properly?

Historical data backup can be monitored by creating a digital object for this purpose. The function uses the IGSS COM interface to signal the following values to the object:

  • value 0: Backup function is IDLE
  • value 1: Backup function is RUNNING
  • value 2: Backup function is in ERROR

When the backup function is running and an error occurs, an alarm is triggered on the digital object monitoring the backup. The user can determine alarm priority and alarm behavior (e.g. send an SMS through WinPager) as with any other alarm in IGSS.

The name of the digital object to be used and the alarm number must be configured in the Windows registry database on the PC where the GenHDM application is running. Enter the following:


as a comma-separated string with the following format: