VBA editor inaccessible

FAQ Question

I’m in the IGSS Definition program and from the menu I choose Tools and then Macros. But both the resultant sub-menus “Macros” and “Visual Basic Editor” are greyed out. How can I make them active?


These sub-menus have been disabled. There are typically 3 situations where VBA becomes disabled. To re-enable investigate the following:

  1. Open System Configuration from the Design and Setup tab in IGSS Master. In here go to the Startup tab, find the Core modules and set VBA Executor to Auto-start in normal mode.
  2. Open the IGSS Setup program and click the Type tab. Make sure that the “Disable VBA” box is not selected.
  3. Open the Setup program and click the “DC” tab. If you don’t use the “Run as service process on Windows NT” option, then clear this check box.