Report generation incomplete

FAQ Question

I’m trying to generate a report, and I get the same result no matter if I try a Snapshot or a Periodical report. I get the message Failed to render the report. Make sure you have a printer defined in your system, and sufficient memory and disk space. This happens when I try to preview and when I try to print the report. How do I solve this problem?


The cause is probably due to incorrect paths to the report applications. Check the following two shortcuts:

  1. [IGSS install path]\RunDeskTop and
  2. [IGSS install path]\DefDeskTop

to make sure they point to the correct versions of the report applications, which are:

  • Snapshot report – [IGSS install path]\gss\actrep.mde
  • Periodical report – [IGSS install path]\gss\DMYREP.mde