Slow Operator station

FAQ Question

 Why is my IGSS operator station slow to react when I right-click on an object? It takes a long time before the object menu opens. When I right-click the same object on the IGSS server, the object menu opens immediately.


The Maintenance Module has probably not been disabled for the operator station. When Maintenance module is enabled on the operator station, the operator station will constantly synchronize with the Maintenance database Mntdb.mdb located on the IGSS server. If the connection to the IGSS Server is slow, sending and receiving information from the Mntdb.mdb will also slow the operator station.

You can resolve the issue by disabling the maintenance module on the operator station.

To disable the maintenance module on the operator station, open the System Configuration form located in the IGSS Master > Design and Setup tab > System Configuration button.

On the System configuration form > Applications tab, clear the Maintenance checkbox for the Auto-Start in normal mode column.

If you need the Maintenance module to run on the Operator station and do not want to disable the module, you can still start the Maintenance module by clicking the Maintenance button in the IGSS Master > Home tab. When you are finished managing the maintenance jobs, you can close the Maintenance form. If you select to open and close the maintenance form for periodic monitoring of maintenance jobs, it is advisable to link important maintenance jobs to alarms so the operators will receive a reminder of an overdue maintenance job in the form of an alarm.