Redraw error on Thin Client PC

FAQ Question

I’m using the Microsoft Terminal Server found in the Windows 2003 Server product to run an IGSS thin client configuration. Everything seems to be working fine when suddenly, on my thin client station, some diagrams are not properly redrawn. What’s the solution to this problem?


With the Windows 2003 Server software Microsoft has upgraded the colour functionality in its Terminal Server, which means that it now supports 32-bit true colour. In the old version of Terminal Server, the user was simply not permitted to configure a higher resolution on the thin client PC than what was possible on the server PC. This has changed, however, and now it’s possible to be run a higher resolution on the thin client PC than on the Terminal Server.

If the thin client PC does run with a higher resolution than the graphics card on the server PC is capable of providing, then the compressed BMP files used by IGSS in the application will not always function properly. Things may seem to function normally when suddenly an error similar to the redraw problem occurs.

To avoid these types of errors altogether make sure that the resolution on the client is not set higher than the maximum resolution the graphics card on the server can provide.

NOTE : The new Windows 2003 Server’s Terminal Services is not supported in the IGSS32 version 4 software. Users that need to run on this Windows server platform must upgrade their IGSS installation to the coming version 5 release, which will support a higher resolution on the thin client in relation to the server.