Screen refresh too slow

FAQ Question

When I close a picture/diagram on my PC, which is an operator station, it takes several seconds before I can again see the screen to perform other tasks. How can I speed this up?


All pictures and graphics are stored in a device dependent format to make screen updating or refreshing occur quickly. The first time a picture is opened and then closed, a device dependent format for the monitor in question is generated and saved in a file for later use. When all pictures and graphics in a configuration have been opened once, then all the files ensuring quick screen refresh have been created and performance should be noticeably quicker.

However, you may wish to optimize the refresh rate from the outset in a new configuration, or you may wish to improve screen performance in an existing configuration.

To optimize a new configuration you could once and for all generate the device dependent files for all pictures. This can be done by double clicking on the program “picinstl.exe” located in the [Intall path]\gss sub-folder.

The Picture Install Utility program now appears. From the menu choose “Compress” and the then the entry “All Files”. The program will now go through all the graphics files in the configuration and compress them.

Sometimes the above does not work. This is can be caused by one or more of the already saved device dependent files being corrupted. In this case, you would have to first shut down Supervision, then delete all files in the DSC32 and the BMP32 sub-folders located in you configuration folder, and lastly run the utility “picinstl.exe” as described above.