OP Station Allowed to Upload

FAQ Question

I have been running IGSS32 v4.1 update 1 (build no. 2283) where I don’t want operator stations to be able to see the upload-download dialog box every time a change is made to the configuration. Preventing operator stations from uploading a configuration to the IGSS server was activated on the op station by going into the Setup module and on the Type tab placing a check mark in the Disable Definition option. After installing IGSS32 v4.1 update 2 (build no. 3076), the operator stations are presented with the upload-download dialog box in spite of the check mark in the Disable Definition setting.

What’s the solution for again activating the setting to prevent op stations from uploading to the server?


A new setting has been included in the Windows Registry in update 2, which annuls enabling the Disable Definition setting. Therefore to reactivate it, you must change the value of a DWORD in the registry of the op station. Follow this procedure:

  • On the op station PC find the DWORD called OPaskUserAtConnect in the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\7-Technologies\IGSS32\V4.01.00\DEFAULT.TXT\OPaskUserAtConnect
  • Double click on the OPaskUserAtConnect entry and the following dialog box appears.
  • In the field Value data: change the 1 to a 0, and the Disable Definition setting should once again be active.