ODBC Server error message

FAQ Question

I’ve been working with my IGSS configuration without any problems. But now, every time I start up I get an error message telling me that something’s wrong with my ODBC server. How can I remedy this?


The probable reason is that the IGSS version 5 ODBC server software has somehow been removed. This can occur when a version 5 exists on the PC, and then an earlier version of IGSS is installed. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

  1. Make sure the ODBC check box is selected in the System Configuration module on the Startup tab. If not, then selecting it may solve the problem.
  2. Go into the Windows Control Panel — Administrative Tools — Data Sources(ODBC) — System DSN and see if there is the entry IGSSv5 ODBC Data Source and IGSSv5 ODBC Network DS. If not, then this is the source of the error message and the IGSS ODBC Server must be re-established in the Windows registry.
  3. Download and unzip the file below, ODBCv5_FIX.zip. DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON THE UNZIPPED FILE, ODBCFIX.reg before editing.
  4. Right click on the ODBCFIX.reg file and choose Edit from the resulting right-click menu.
  5. Look for the first entry of “C:\\Program Files\\7T\\IGSS32\V5.0\\GSS\\odbcixv5cl.dll” If this path is the IGSS install path on the computer, then close Notepad without making any changes. If this is not the IGSS install path, then you must carry out a search and replace of this string throughout the file with the correct install path. Save and close Notepad.
  6. Finally, click on the ODBCFIX.reg file to update the Windows registry.

This should remedy the problem and no further ODBC error messages will appear.