Import and Export issues in IGSS

FAQ Question
I have 100 identical pumps, how can I quickly create 100 identical diagrams for the pumps, doing it by hand will take a very long time.


See the training video lesson 14 at Training to see how to use the Group Object (import/export) to create Reusable diagrams which can contain many identical objects, sharing a common diagram, much like your 100 identical pumps.

Issue export:: My Def crashes when I export objects

FAQ Question
When exporting objects from my IGSS configuration, my Definition module crashes.

One or more of your objects is causing an error even if it works fine when you use the Supervise module in the original configuration.

You must find and correct the object that is causing the error.

The best way to find the object in question is by exporting parts of the original diagram, slowly narrowing the field of possible objects.

For example: Export the right half of the original diagram and see if it fails. If the export does not fail, export the top half of left of the diagram. Continue to export increasingly smaller parts until you have localized the object(s) that are causing the error.

Export the entire diagram again, excluding the object(s) that are causing the error.

Import to a new diagram and manually create the object(s) that are causing the error. Do not copy/paste the objects as this may cause conflicts with existing objects. Remember to Check and Install the configuration to check for manually introduced errors.

Issue Import:: The object names are not changed when I import even if I use substitute name.

FAQ Question
My object names do not change even when I try to substitute their names when importing.

Your object names are probably not prepared correctly for the import/import routine. If the naming convention for object name substitution upon import is not strictly adhered to, object name errors will occur.

You need to make an intermediate step between exporting from the original diagram to importing into a new diagram where you can edit and prepare the object names.

Intermediate Step:

Create a new configuration, area and a diagram and import.

Adjust the object names in this project, making sure the object names are as you want them. Use the Property Table Viewer to gain a better overview of the objects in the diagram or area.

When you have finished editing the object names, use the Group object to export the objects once again

Close the intermediate configuration and open the destination configuration and import the objects from the intermediate configuration, substituting their names as you originally intended to.