Uploading configurations with a runtime system

FAQ Question

I need to make changes to a running configuration in a runtime system. I’m using my service hardlock and I’m able to start the Definition program and make the changes by switching to the “Single user” station type. But as soon as switch back to the “Operator station” type, my changes are overwritten by the configuration from the IGSS server. How do I solve this problem?


IGSS offers the possibility to upload configuration changes from the operator station. This possibility is, however, not available in a runtime system, because all operator stations are barred from making changes in the Definition program. This is controlled by the option “Disable Definition” found in the Setup program. This option will always be enabled on operator stations in a runtime system.
As a service technician, you may want to make changes from the operator station. This is now possible in version 4.1 by following the procedure below.

  • Download the attached file found under “Files” below and save it in the [IGSS install path]\Gss folder.
  • Plug in the service hardlock.
  • Click the Windows Start button, then choose “Run”.
  • Type the command “Regedit” to open the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Navigate to the branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\7-Technologies\IGSS32\V4.01.00\DEFAULT.TXT\
  • Create a new “String value” called “OPaskUserAtConnect” and assign the value “1”.
  • Close the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Make sure that the “Disable Definition” option on the “Type” tab in the Setup program is disabled.
  • Open the Definition program and make the necessary changes to the IGSS configuration.
  • Activate the IGSS Starter program and start the configuration. A message appears asking you to either download the configuration from the server or upload the newer configuration from the operator station to the server.
  • Click “No” to upload the configuration.