Which alarm numbers are in use in my IGSS project

FAQ Question

Which alarm numbers are in use in my IGSS project? I have alarms numbers from 0 to 2000.


Follow these steps if you want to find out which alarm numbers are actually used in a given project.

Make sure that IGSS is started and running; if not, start IGSS in IGSS Master’s Home tab. 

Ensure that ODBC is running on your IGSS: In IGSS Master, select Design and Setup > ODBC Server.

Open Windows 32-bit Excel or Access on the pc that runs you IGSS project. NB! The tab and button names may differ from below screen prints, depending on your version of Excel and Access.

If you use Excel, select the Data tab > From Other Sources > From Microsoft Query, where you can import data from ODBC.

 In below Excel version your find ODBC under Get Data From Other Sources.

If you use Access, select the External Data tab > ODBC Database.

Under Choose Data Source (or From ODBC in Windows 10), select your IGSS version and click OK.

NB! The first time, you may be prompted User name and Password. If so, just enter something in User name field so it is not left empty.

Select + ALARMUSAGE and click the > button. All available columns are now shown in the right box. Click Next to all the following dialogs, where you can also chose various options. Under Import Data, select Existing worksheet.

 If you use Windows 10, you will see available columns and data immediately. Click Load to get the data.

You can now sort by alarm number by clicking the arrow in the ALMNO column.

Tip! The imported list only shows the alarm numbers which are actually used in your IGSS project. To see a complete list of alarm numbers that have been allocated in the project, including numbers that may not yet be in use:

  1. Open the Definition module.
  2. Click Edit in the top menu and select Alarm texts … to see the complete list.

Warning! DO NOT edit or delete any of the alarm numbers from 1 to 100 as these are system alarms related to the IGSS system.