Firewall Ports and IGSS

FAQ Question

I need pass through a Firewall in order to access my IGSS system. What ports do I need to open?


Correct, to increase the security use a firewall that only allow access to IGSS by the required open user ports: 12397 to 12402.

When you need to access specific IGSS program elements, use the following ports:

  • IGSS Distributed drivers (I2): 12396
  • IGSS Multi user (SNIF): 12397
  • IGSS 7TTCP Driver: 12398
  • IGSS Superalarm: 12399
  • IGSS A-B Servers: 12400
  • IGSS Dataserver: 12401
  • IGSS ODBC server: 20202
  • IGSS MQTT Gateway: 1883 / 8883 (secure)
  • IGSS Mobile server: 443
  • IGSS Update V12:  HTTPS 443
  • IGSS Update to OP :12400 + Version Number. IGSS V12 is then 12412 
While configuring the firewall use whitelisting that only allow trusted IGSS Stations/Servers access. Read more in the general Cybersecurity recommendations.

Cybersecurity Information

Make sure to keep the IGSS software updated by running IGSS Update or download updates from here. Also remember to keep the Windows Operating system updated by running Windows Update on a regular basis.