Fields in the Object Properties form

FAQ Question

I can’t access the fields and drop down arrows in the Edit Mapping tab of the Object Properties form suddenly. The values are displayed, but the fields are cut off by the right hand group border of the form. What is wrong?

I am running IGSS on a Windows 7 machine.


An incorrectly installed or missing MS Sans Serif font causes this issue, although only for machines running on Windows 7 operating systems.

To resolve the issue, you must re-install the MS Sans Serif  font. You can download the font from this URL:

The origin of this issue lies with the screen resolution when Windows 7 was first installed on the machine.

If the screen resolution was high when Windows 7 was first installed, a larger font size (125%) was installed by default. If the standard (100%) font size was selected afterwards, some of the large fonts were not always changed, causing display issues in the programs that use utilize these fonts because the text would not always fit inside the graphic user-interfaces, such as dialog boxes and forms.

Re-installing the font at the correct size will solve the issue as the font will be installed at the current (correct )screen resolution.