Maintenance: Change object name on existing jobs

FAQ Question

How can I change the object used by an existing Maintenance Job?


If for some reason the object name is changed or it is moved to another area in the IGSS Project, the object name/area must be renamed manually for Maintenance jobs as well.

The names of the objects used by jobs in Maintenance are stored in the Maintenance Database, that can either be stored as a Microsoft Access database (mdb), an SQLite database (sdb) or as a database in Microsoft SQL Server.

Before you can modify the database, you will need to stop IGSS, as it is using the database. (If possible take a backup of the database at this point).

If Maintenance is setup to use SQL Server open its Management Studio. Locate the database MNTDB and open its table dbo.MntElm.
From here you can right click the dbo.MntElm table and select Edit Top 200. (Change Query Top Specification Expression, to edit more).

Here you will find Name and Area that can be corrected directly in the cells.
Also check the fields MntName and MntArea. These fields are allowed to be blank, but they must most likely also be updated if they are set. These fields represents the alternative “job object” as defined in Maintenance application. (Where the first object represents the indicator object, the object being measured/monitored/counted on).

If you are using IGSS V14 or lower, the database could be stored in an MS Access database called ‘mntdb.mdb’. You will need Microsoft Office Access 2007, to open and modify this database.

In IGSS v15+, if Maintenance is not setup to use MS SQL Server, it will store jobs in an SQLite database called ‘mntdb.sdb’ that can be found in the Report folder of the IGSS Server.

To open and make changes in an SQLite database we recommend the tool DB Browser for SQLite. Here you can Open the database. Locate MntElm in the Database Structure. Right click and select Browse Table. From Browse Data you can modify the cell values of Name, Area – and if they are set; MntName and MntArea.

When the changes are complete. Close the respective database tools, start IGSS and Maintenance, and observe that jobs are loaded without warnings in the Maintenance statusbar.