Running IGSS silent install

FAQ Question

How can I run an IGSS Silent install?


  • Windows should have the .Net Framework 4.6 installed. That must be done in the Windows “Apps & features” settings
  • run the installer VSTO\vstor40.exe   add /q to make it quiet
  • VCredist\\vcredist_x64.exe /q
  • VCredist\\vcredist_x86.exe /q
  • VCredist\\vcredist_x86_vs2012_110.exe /q
  • msiexec /i  vbacore\vbaof11.msi /qb
  • msiexec /i  vbacore\1033\vbaof11i.msi /qb
  • msiexec /i “opc\x64\OPC Core Components Redistributable (x64).msi” /qb
  • msiexec /i  igss\IGSS.msi /norestart /q
  • If you have Excel installed and want to use “custom reports” run 
    “program files (x86)\common files\microsoft shared\vsto\10.0\vstoinstaller.exe” /i “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\rms14.vsto”
  • “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\haspdInst_igss.exe” -install -fi -nomaxosver
  • If you want online values in Excel you can run
    Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\regasm IgssExcelRTD.DLL /codebase /tlb
  • “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\dc.exe” /RegServer
  • “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\def.exe” /RegServer
  • “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\IGSSopcServer.exe” /RegServer
  • “program files (x86)\schneider electric\igss32\v14.0\gss\IGSSopcUAserver.exe” /install /silent