IGSS objects and ActiveX controls programed in VB 6.0

FAQ Question

I’ve made my own ActiveX control in VB 6.0. How do I get IGSS object values into my control and vice versa?


In the following example, we use a property called “MyProperty” in the ActiveX control we’ve just programmed. (To download a simple VB 6.0 sample, click here.)

From an IGSS object to the ActiveX control

In DEF an IGSS object is connected to one of the ActiveX control’s properties using Bind events TO control. When the IGSS object changes the control’s Property Let MyProperty procedure is called and the code handling the change should be placed here.

From the ActiveX control to an IGSS object

In DEF an ActiveX property is connected to an IGSS object using Bind events FROM control. In VB the ActiveX’s property must be made bindable (see FAQ ID.50) and the Property Changed event must be fired. When IGSS receives the Property Changed event IGSS calls the control’s Property Get MyProperty procedure to read the value of the property.