Converting old WinPager settings in IGSS v5.1

FAQ Question
How do I convert my old settings from v5.0 to v5.1 in WinPager?

In IGSS v5.0 and earlier versions, the WinPager configuration was placed in the Windows Registry. In IGSS v5.1 the configuration is placed a file called CONFIGURATIONNAME.winpager.xml where CONFIGURATIONNAME is your active configuration. The file is placed in the configuration folder where the IGSS configuration is also placed. To force a conversion from the old settings to the new format, do the following:

Close WinPager
Open your XML file in a text editor, i.e. notepad
Find the following line: 1
Change “1” to “0”
Open WinPager. A dialog will be displayed showing the progress of conversion. The old configuration should now be present in the XML file – confirm this by restarting notepad and opening the XML file again.