Add External types in sysconfig

FAQ Question

I would like to change my External types EG to include BCD16 – Binary Code Decimal (16bit) and BCD23 Binary Code Decimal (32bit) but every time I set the checkmarks, the settings are is not saved – why is this?


The settings you are trying to save are saved in the local machines registry and you need Administrator rights to edit the registry of the local machine.

You must run the SysConfig.exe file with administrator privileges in order to make changes to the registry.

To run the SysConfig.exe file with administrator privileges:

Open an Explorer and browse to the GSS folder of your IGSS Installation folder.

The default IGSS installation path is C:\Program Files\7T\IGSS32\v9.0 but your IGSS installation might placed in a different folder.

Locate the sysconfig.exe file, right-click and select the Run as Administrator option.

The SysConfig form opens and you can make the changes you want.

Save the settings and close the SysConfig form.

Form Or Run CMD as admin and running sysconfig from here