Accctrl9 error uninstalling earlier ver. of IGSS

FAQ Question

I have uninstalled a previous version of IGSS on my computer and now my IGSS. Version 9 starts with the following error message:


“Could not open the selected database. The database may be wrong version or not an IGSS Configuration database.”


The error occurs because the dao360.dll file no longer is registered in the Windows system. The dao360.dll file was unregistered when the previous version of IGSS was uninstalled.

To fix the problem, you have to register the dao360.dll file once again. Open a Command Prompt with Administrator privileges and use regsvr32.exe to register the dao360.dll file.


c:\program files\common files\Microsoft Shared\DAO> regsvr32 dao360.dll


On some machines, the dao360.dll was unregistered whenever the machine started up. The workaround is to make a batch file that run at the windows startup. The batch file registered the da0360.dll every time a user logged into Windows.