Windows Installer 3.1 missing

FAQ Question When running the IGSS installation, the error that the Windows Installer 3.1 is missing occurs and the installation aborts. Answer The Windows Installer 3.1 is not included on the CD, but can be downloaded via Windows Update or from Microsoft’s website. Download details: Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable

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VBA-related error messages

FAQ Question In my IGSS configuration I’m using VBA code for different purposes. Sometimes when I start either the Definition or Supervise programs, I get VBA-related error messages. Why? Answer Unfortunately IGSS has had some problems executing the VBA code in some configurations. This caused the VBA code to malfunction leading to VBA-related error messages.

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VBA memory error

FAQ Question When I start my IGSS on a thin client I get a VBA memory error. How do I avoid this? Answer This error occurs only for IGSS thin clients. The VBA application in IGSS uses the same memory area for all clients, and when the second, third, fourth and so on client logs

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VBA editor inaccessible

FAQ Question I’m in the IGSS Definition program and from the menu I choose Tools and then Macros. But both the resultant sub-menus “Macros” and “Visual Basic Editor” are greyed out. How can I make them active? Answer These sub-menus have been disabled. There are typically 3 situations where VBA becomes disabled. To re-enable investigate

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Using the WinPager option

FAQ Question I have enabled the “Show alarm on service communication error” option. Why do I get “Error 8004000a on getItem(WinPager)” in the WinPager window, but no alarm in the alarm list? Answer The “Show alarm on service communication error” function in WinPager now ensures that unmanned plants are not ignored in the event of

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Using symbol libraries in IGSS

FAQ Question Can I use any symbol libraries other than the built-in IGSS symbol file, Symbols.v12? Answer Many of our competitors use the symbol library called Symbol Factory. It contains a number of drawings well-suited for automation systems. The drawings can be exported to *.bmp or *.wmf format (*.wmf is recommended for IGSS32). Once converted,

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