Windows 10 updates and IGSS

Microsoft Windows 10 introduced a new automatic update procedure which compared to previous versions of Windows, did not contain many update settings, basically forcing download and installation of updates on any system connected to the internet.

Based on experiences and information shared with the IGSS Support Team, there may be some consequences of the Windows 10 automatic updates to an IGSS installation you should be aware of.

These consequences include:

  • Unplanned system shut-downs
  • Broken Custom Report / Excel connections
  • Autostart functions disabled

Unplanned system shut downs

The automatic update will force system shut-down or re-starts if the installed updates require restarting, regardless of what the plant policy might indicate.

The length of the shut-down period is unknown and depends on the type and extent of the updates. In some cases, shut-down periods of 1 to 2 hour have been observed.

For plants sensitive to down-time or for installations with complicated shut-down and system re-start procedures, the actual down-time may be longer as systems requiring special start-ups will need to be addressed.

Broken Custom Report / Excel connections

The Microsoft Office Suite is part of the automatic update procedure which may break the connection originally created between IGSS and MS Office (Excel) during IGSS installation. This will affect the setup and maintenance of Custom Reports on the machine containing the MS Office Suite, usually the IGSS Server.

You can re-associate the MS Office suite (Excel) with IGSS’ Custom Reports by running the RMS11.VSTO (for IGSS version 11 installation) or RMS12.VSTO (for IGSS version 12 installations) again.

The RMS11.VSTO or RMS12.VSTO file is located in the GSS folder of the locally IGSS installatiohn.

The default install location is C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\IGSS32\V11.0\GSS for IGSS version 11 and C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\IGSS32\V12.0\GSS for IGSS version 12.

IGSS Autostart disabled

Depending on the type and extent of the Windows 10 update, autostart procedures in general might be adversely affecting, hindering autostart of IGSS as a result.

Additionally, some IGSS installations utilize batch-file scripts placed in the Windows Start folder for automated procedures when the system is started such as the Subst command used when using Terminal Service to run IGSS on different clients and other homebrew- start script particular to your plant.

How to define Windows 10 update settings

If you are running Windows 10 (Professional, Enterprise and Education editions only), you can define automatic update settings as the Local Group policies, customizing how to check for and receive updates from Microsoft.

This must be done for each local machine unless the machine is connected to a domain controller.

Machines connected to a domain controller will have their update policies and settings (in addition to other policies) determined by the domain controller settings instead of local machine settings.

If you are using a domain controller, you can edit the update settings there instead of on the local machines.

To define Windows 10 update settings for a local machine

  • Open and run the gpedit.msc (Local Group Policy Editor) program by pressing Windows Key + R and entering “gpedit.msc” in the Run dialog. 
  • The Local Group Policy Editor form is opened.

  • In the left pane of the Local Group Policy Editor form, navigate to Local computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows components / Window update.

  • In the right pane of the Local Group Policy Editor form, run (double-click) the Configure Automatic Updates setting to open the Configure Automatic Updates form.
  • In the Configure Automatic Updates form, select the Enabled option.

In the Options pane, select the update setting relevant for your plant and the schedule time (if applicable)

Click the OK button to save the settings and close the Configure Automatic Updates form.

Click the OK button to save the group policy and close the Local Group Policy Editor form


Version 11 and IGSS version 12 can run in a Microsoft Windows 10 environment for all edition of the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Pro, Enterprise, etc)

Security Warning

The IGSS Support and Development team does not recommend disabling automatic updates in Windows 10. If automatic updates are disabled, you should create a policy of regularly checking for new updates and installing them for increased security and stability reasons. You can for example schedule system updates at fixed intervals for updating your plant’s computers.