TestServer mode

The IGSS development team has introduced a hardlock grace period to IGSS versions 11 and 12 called the TestServer mode.

Normally, the IGSS server would not start operations if the hardlock connected to the IGSS server was damaged, invalid, missing or mismatched with the IGSS license file (options.txt). The last situation was at times experienced when upgrading an IGSS installation from one version to another. Usually, the IGSS license and hardlock were upgraded at the same time, but in some cases the hardlock was overlooked, which resulted in the system being unable to start.

With the new TestServer Mode, you can run your IGSS server without a valid hardlock for up to 72 hours in order to test your installation or run production until you can install a valid hardlock.

Starting in Testserver mode

When an invalid hardlock is detected, the IGSS system can start in TestServer mode and continue to run normally for up to 72 hours.

The TestServer mode will not be started automatically. You must start the IGSS server manually by clicking the Start button on the Home tab in the IGSS Master. The start-up will take up to 30 seconds or more as the system will search for valid connected hardlocks.

You must also approve the TestServer mode by clicking the OK button in the dialog appearing when the TestServer mode starts.

You can see when the TestServer mode expires in the status pane of the IGSS Master.

After the TestServer mode expires, the IGSS Server will stop and you must manually re-start the server to run a new 72-hour duration TestServer mode. You must still click the OK button in the dialog to start the TestServer mode.


The TestServer mode cannot be started on single-user stations and therefore cannot be run in Single-User Backup mode either.

If your system is set to autostart, it will autostart in TestServer mode, but you must still click the OK button in the dialog to start the TestServer mode.

The TestServer mode can be started on a system running on a Demo license but the Demo license limit of one hour of real-time monitoring is still in effect.

Updates only

This new feature is only available for IGSS 11 and IGSS 12 after you have updated your IGSS installation.