Windows 10 and IGSS

With the coming release of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, system designers and end-users can be expected to start using Windows 10 for their machines running IGSS or at least to set up test environments to verify Windows 10 functionality as well as IGSS compatibility.

Please be advised of the following:


If you are using softlocks to verify your IGSS installation, IGSS will not load and cannot start due to softlock limitations. Softlocks are keyed to the specific operating system and since Windows 10 is a new operating system, existing softlocks will not recognize the new operating system as valid. If you need to run IGSS using softlocks on Windows 10 operating systems, you must renew your existing softlocks for all IGSS installations expected to run on Windows 10. Please contact IGSS Support for a price quote for the renewal of softlocks.


If you are using hardlocks (USB and Parallel/Serial port), no such problems have been reported and all newer IGSS programs can run on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system when using hardlocks.