Set Graph Period

The IGSS Support and Development teams have released a new graph period feature for graphs.

The operator can now edit the graph period of existing pre-defined and dynamic graphs by either right-clicking the graph and selecting Edit Graph Period or clicking Graph >  Edit Graph Period in the Supervise module toolbar.

When editing a graph period, you must define the new start date and time for the graph in the Graph Period form. You can also define new graph end date and time and graph periods if necessary

Graphs with Autostart

If you edit a graph period for a graph set up to start automatically when opened (the Autostart checkbox is selected in the Graph parameters), the Graph Period form will not be displayed and the graph will restart using the present date and time. 

You will not be able to enter new graph start date and times.

Dashboard Graphs

Dashboard graphs do not have the Edit Graph Period option as you can directly edit the start date and time of the dashboard graph in the graph menu in the dashboard.

Embedded Graphs

Embedded Graphs do not have the Edit Graph Period option as you can define the start date and time of the embedded graph as well as the graph period in the toolbar of the embedded graph.

Note that embedded graphs can be set up to remove operator options as well as the entire toolbar by the System Designer and therefore this option might not be available for embedded graphs on your plant.

Updates only

The new Edit Graph Period feature is only available for IGSS 11 after you have updated your IGSS Installation.