Prevent operator editing of alarm properties in IGSS 11

As a default, operators in IGSS are able to edit alarm properties from the Supervise module by clicking Tools>Alarms to open the Alarm Texts form.

The Alarm Texts form lists all alarm texts in the configuration and operators can select an alarm and click the Edit button to edit the alarm properties, including alarm priority, text, color, instructions as well as selecting whether or not the alarm is to be forwarded to the Notifier module, sent to the printer or auto-acknowledged.

Preventing operator access to alarm texts

Previously, you could only limit operator access to the Alarm Texts form from the Tools menu in the Supervise module by setting up and enabling the IGSS User Administration module.

A new configuration parameter has been introduced in theSystem Configuration form > Supervise & Language tab, enabling you to toggle between allowing and denying operator access to the Alarms menu option.

You can combine IGSS User Administration with this new parameter setting in the System Configuration form.

Using the IGSS User Administration module

When the IGSS User Administration module is enabled, the right to activate Alarms, Operator Report Format and Events menu options in the Tools menu will be a part of the Can Design Global right.

You can therefore create IGSS operators in the IGSS User Administration module which are not members of User Groups with the Can Design Global right to limit operator access to these menu options.

When an operator with insufficient rights selects the AlarmsEvents or Operator Report Format menu options, a temporary login dialog will appear, prompting the operator for login details from a user with sufficient access rights.

The operator will not be able to continue unless these credentials are entered.

Using System Configuration parameter

If you do not want to use the IGSS User Administration module or if you want operators to be able to access the Events and/or Operator Report Format but not the Alarms menu options you can clear the clearing the Enable Online editing of alarm properties check box on the Supervise & Language tab in the System Configuration form.

The Alarms menu option will be displayed but rendered inaccessible in the Tools menu of the from the Supervise module to all operators, regardless of their rights or lack thereof.

Updates only

The new System Configuration parameter Enable Online editing of alarm properties check box is only available for IGSS 11after you have updated your IGSS program.