Priority Stations for IGSS11

The IGSS Development team has introduced new functionality to IGSS11 which enables System Integrators or IGSS Super-users and SCADA departments to select which operator stations always must be given priority when connecting to an IGSS Server.

Some IGSS plants have fewer operator client licenses than they have actual operator stations. If there are no vacant operator licenses available when a new operator station attempts to connect to the IGSS server, the connecting operator station will be rejected until an operator station license becomes available.

Priority Operator Stations

You can now define which of your operator stations in the configuration are to be considered priority stations.

Priority Operator Stations will always be permitted to log on to the IGSS server and the log on procedure will automatically log off another non-priority operator station in order to re-use the operator license.

The first encountered non-priority operator station in the internal IGSS operator list will be disconnected.

If there are no non-priority operator stations to log off, the connecting operator station will not be able to log on to the IGSS server.

System Configuration form

An operator station can be defined as a Priority Operator Station in the System Configuration form:

Design Mode

Make sure the IGSS Master is in Design Mode. If the IGSS Master is in Runtime mode, you can change modes by clicking Application Menu > Design mode in the IGSS Master.

  1. In the IGSS Master > Design and Setup tab, click the System Configuration button to open the System Configuration form.
  2. In the left pane of the System Configuration form, right-click the station you want to configure and select This PC.
  3. In the right pane of the System Configuration form > click the Station tab and select the Priority Station check box.
  4. Repeat the steps for all operator stations you want to define as priority stations.
  5. In the System Configuration form, click File > Save Project (CTRL+S) to save the configuration and then click File > Exit to exit the System Configuration form.

Updates only

The new setting is only available for IGSS 11 after you have updated your IGSS program.