S7 1500 and IGSS

When using the Siemens S7 1200/1500 series PLCs with the IGSS installation, important parameters must be set in order to address the PLC data registers from IGSS and to read and write to and from the PLC data registers.

The Siemens PLC should be set up as follows:

Addressing the PLC registers

Clear the Optimized block access check box in the properties for the variable in the Siemens PLC.

Enabling Read and Write operations

In order to ensure data can be read from the Siemens PLC’s data registers as well as write data to the registers, the PUTGET communications parameter must be enabled.

Select the Permit access with PUTGET communications from remote partner (PLC, HMI, OPC…) check box found by selecting the Protection option in the General tab of the PLC properties form.

This check box must be selected when the PLC is configured.

In the Project tree, right-click the PLC and select Properties to open the PLC Properties form.
In the Protection parameter, select the Full Access (no protection) row and enable the HMIRead and Write Access properties.
Download the changes to the PLC and exit the Siemens PLC setup program.

Contact IGSS Support

Please contact IGSS Support for help in resolving any issues which may arise due to this communication.