New settings for the circular display descriptor

The IGSS Development team has introduced two new settings for the circular display descriptor (Pie descriptor) which enable you to create circular descriptors that maintain a perfect circle when resizing the descriptor and enable you to remove the lower scale line as well as the upper scale line.

Furthermore, it is now possible to define how the scale is oriented (clockwise or counter clockwise), enabling you to create “speedometer” circular displays with the scale running from left to right or changing the placement of the circular descriptor from top to bottom.

The new settings are found in the Attributes of pie tab in the Object Properties form, opened by right-clicking a descriptor or object in the Definition module and selecting Properties.

Circular check box

The circular check box keeps the circular shape of the pie descriptor as a perfect circle when resizing the descriptor.

If the check box is cleared, the system will fill the entire descriptor area with the circular display when the descriptor is re-sized. The circle-shape for the circular display will not be maintained. Often this will result in a more oval display rather than a circle.

Open Scale check box

If the Open Scale check box is selected, the baseline of the scale will not be displayed in the circular display.

If Open Scale check box is cleared, the baseline scale will be displayed.

Semi-circles and Quarter circles

The combinations of the values in the Start Angle and End angle fields and Pie Orientation options (Clockwise or Counter clockwise) are used to create various circular, semi-circular and quarter-circular display descriptors.

The following diagrams display some of the possible combinations and the resulting circular display.

If the Start Angle and End Angle values are identical, the circular display will be rendered as a full circle or pie chart.

Updates only

The new functions are only available for IGSS 11 after you have updated your IGSS program.