New Alarm Command line parameters

You can use alarm command line parameters to send the active alarm list to the printer with a fixed interval or activated on an event in the IGSS system. You can also send the output in an e-mail or export it as a comma-separated file (.csv)

Alarm command line parameters can be used either from the Job Scheduler module, through the command prompt or by using/executing a Batch file.


There is no -print command as this function is subsumed in each command line parameter.

All Alarm command line parameters will therefore automatically send the alarm list to the printer, except the -af<filter name> parameter.

The alarm command line parameters


The –ApppendDate parameter enables to you adds the current date and time to the filename.

If you have used the -ds (start date) and/or -ts (start time) parameters, the defined start date and start time will be used instead.


The –ymdfolders parameter enables you to create year, month and day sub folders to store alarm list reports when saving alarm list reports as a .CSV file to a specified destination.

This parameter should be used with the -file<path> parameter.

-af <alarmfilter>

The –af parameter enables you to change the filter used in the Active Alarm list. When the Active Alarm for is opened, this filter will be selected.

This parameter will not send the alarm list to the printer.

Updates only

The new Alarm command line options only available for IGSS 12 after you have updated your IGSS installation.