Descriptor property move

Move freely

With the possibility to create diagrams with a thin frame and no title bar, a problem arise when you still want to be able to move fx. a popup diagram or faceplate around.
To solve this the descriptor property move feature can be used. By adding a descriptor with that property set, the diagram will move with the descriptor, as it is dragged.

Using the feature

Can move diagram

The Can move diagram property can be found under Descriptor Properties : Miscellaneous for the following descriptors: Text, Picture, Polygon, Ellipse and Rectangle.

Property: Can move diagram for a Text.

You would typically set this for descriptors that reassemblies the look of a title bar. But it is entirely up to you as a designer. For example could an image with arrows be used.

Move diagram in Supervise

When the Can move diagram properties has been set for say a Rectangle and a Text in a custom drawn title bar like below, an operator will intuitively use this area to move the diagram when desired.

Diagram with custom toolbar buttons and custom title bar

By combining this feature with button actions, the diagrams look and feel can be designed with great freedom.