Button action for each menu item

Actions at hand

With Button Actions the designer can put any action from the menu on an IGSS button.

This enables easy access to functionality only otherwise available from the menus, which is an advantage especially for projects running in fullscreen or diagrams designed for touch.

Using the feature

Button properties

The new menu Button Actions from menus can be found in Button Properties : Miscellaneous under Object Action:

Object Actions in Button Properties

All menu items are available, so a toolbar consisting of buttons with the functionality desired can be designed. Some button actions relate to their connected object.

Remember to disable alarm and severity icon/frame indication on the connected buttons, as showing this repeatedly is noise.

Supervise actions

When button properties have been defined for a series of buttons the controls can be laid out as desired, resulting in an efficient and intuitive interface – if done right.

Diagram with custom toolbar buttons and custom title bar

Note that a button is disabled if its corresponding menu item is disabled.