Android Alarm Notifications on IGSS Mobile stopped working

FAQ Question

My Android smartphone stopped receiving alarm notification from IGSS Mobile.
It used to work. How can I fix this?


The reason for this could be that support of Azure Notification Hubs’ Firebase Cloud Messaging API using legacy HTTP has been retired on June 20th 2024.

Since the IGSS Mobile Server uses this API to send alarms and the IGSS Mobile APP uses it to register and receive notifications, then notifications will stop working – unless both IGSS applications are updated.

To use the newer API for Firebase notification (FCMv1), updates for IGSS have been released:
 *  For IGSS Mobile Server an update has been released on June 12th 2024 for IGSS version 16 and 17.
 *  For IGSS Mobile on Android, an update has been released on June 12th 2024.

After both the Mobile Server and the APP have been updated, you may start the APP again, to allow it to re-register for notifications.

Depending on device brand / android version of your device, it may be a good idea to check if notification rights are still present for IGSS Mobile.
The setting for this can typically be found under:
Settings -> Apps -> App management -> IGSS Mobile -> Manage notifications
Where “Allow notifications” must be set.

If you are using an older version of IGSS, then we recommend updating to IGSS Version 17.
As an alternatively iPhone is still working with notifications at time of writing, or the IGSS Notifier module can be used to receive Alarm messages as SMS for personel after a duty calendar.