The IGSS Mobile App now also includes graphs

A selection of object-based trend graphs is now available in the IGSS mobile app, providing plant operators with a quick overview during remote monitoring, control and troubleshooting.

The new graph feature enables you to:

  • Monitor trends in real time
  • Study trend curves (interactive)
  • Read data and view alarm limits

You can zoom in on both values and time. If high and low alarms limits are set in IGSS, these are also shown. A Value Point Reader provides you with detailed data for a selected point in a graph.

How to use graphs in the IGSS App

Choose the project you wish to see, select the relevant process diagram and object as well as the period you wish to examine.

Interaction gestures for the graph

For maximum benefit of the app’s graph function, use these basic app interaction gestures:


Horizontal Pinch: To (Zoom out) in the Time/X-axis
Vertical Pinch: To (Zoom out) in the Value/Y-axis


Horizontal Spread: To (Zoom in) in the Time/X-axis
Vertical Spread: To (Zoom in) in the Value/Y-axis


Drag horizontally or vertically in the graph window to move around within the graph.


Tap on the clock icon in the top right corner to choose period.
Tap once on a graph line value to activate the Value Point Reader.
Tap again on the same graph line value to deactivate the Value Point Reader.

How to set up an IGSS project to display graphs in the Mobile App

To view trend graphs on a mobile device, the relevant IGSS project first needs to be set up to display objects in the IGSS Mobile App. This is done with a few settings in the Definition module.

Select the Visible in the Mobile check box in the Object Properties form’s Display tab, as well as in Area Properties and the Diagram Properties’

Definition of Diagram tab.

An active Logging parameter also needs to be selected in the Object Properties’ Data Management tab’s Logging group. 

If None is selected, it will not be possible to create a graph in the app.

In addition to viewing trend graphs, the IGSS Mobile App also enables the operator to see object values and to send set points or commands to the object remotely.

How to get the IGSS Mobile App

If you haven’t yet experienced the benefits of the IGSS Mobile App, here is where to download it for your smartphone or tablet:

Igss Mobile App