Important Notification!

Dear customers

With the release of the new Windows 10 version with the 2004 update, we at the IGSS team have experienced some installation issues when trying to install a completely fresh IGSS V14, on a completely new windows 10 computer with the 2004 update.

We have now found the problem and solved it. It is therefore important to read this information message and follow our recommendation.

If you already have an IGSS V14 installed on the windows 10 computer, and then you have updated your windows to the latest 2004 version, then there is no issue whatsoever.


However, if you wish to install a fresh IGSS V14 on a new computer (that previously did not have IGSS v14 on) and which already has been updated to the latest windows 2004 version. Then please do the following. 

  1. Delete the current version of the IGSS V14 that you have downloaded and plan to install, from your USB/or from the folder you have it saved in. 
  2. Download the newest version of IGSS V14 here.
  3. Install the IGSS V14.