Improved server/operator com. after lost connection

A new spooling option called “Auto” under Driver settings in the IGSS System Configuration makes it possible to retrieve operational data in a more dynamic way in case of a lost connection between the IGSS Server and an operator station using distributed drivers. 

After a lost connection event some choose to reduce the spooling scan rate for a distributed driver to ensure that data can be transferred within a reasonable amount of time and without causing problems for the operator station and the network

“Auto” option for dynamically reduced scan rate

As an alternative to collecting and sending new data at the normal speed (100% spooling rate) while at the same time as transmitting the stored data (which could lead to “data congestion”) or with a scan rate significantly reduced to 1/10 (10% of normal, hence less data collected) or 1/100 (1% of normal), a new “Auto” option has been added.

Selecting the “Auto” option will reduce the spooling rate of new data dynamically at 7 pre-defined scan rates, starting with 1/1 (normal speed) the 1st hour, reducing to half speed the 2nd hour and then gradually reducing the scan rate down to 1/60 the 7th hour. In this way, more data will be collected and transferred during the retrieval of data stored during a lost connection event.

How to select the new “Auto” spooling rate

In the IGSS Master module, select the Design and Setup tab and click System Configuration

In the System Configuration window’s left side, select the relevant workstation and distributed driver.

In the Advanced tab of the selected driver’s Spooling menu, select the Auto option