Maintenance alarms can now be shown in diagrams

IGSS 13 can be set up so the operator can see in a Supervise diagram if there is a maintenance alarm for an object. Previously, maintenance alarms could only be shown in the list of active alarms.

There are two ways to present a maintenance alarm on the object’s descriptor symbol in a diagram:

Marks instead of alarms to indicate maintenance alarm and object note. A new option in IGSS version 13 allows you to indicate that there is maintenance alarm for the object by using a mark – a colored triangle icon next to the descriptor symbol.  A similar option already existed for object notes (alarm number 96).

The color of the triangle is identical to the defined alarm color for the maintenance alarm and the object note. If the object has both an object note and a maintenance alarm, the one with highest priority will be shown. When that has been dealt with, the triangle will change to the color of the lowest priority other alarm.

The new option to use marks instead of alarms to indicate a maintenance alarm is defined by the system designer in System Configuration’s Supervise & Language tab.

When the “Use marks instead of alarms ….” option is used together with “Alarm indication on symbol” (see illustration above and text below), the operator can immediately see that there is both an object alarm (the <!> symbol changes color, here to red) and an object note or maintenance alarm (a colored triangle).

Alarm indication on symbol: The object symbol (the red <!> in below example), indicates when there is some kind of alarm by e.g. color change or blink.

If the object has both a maintenance alarm, an object alarm, and/or object note at the same time, the symbol will show the alarm color/pattern of the alarm with the highest priority – other alarms are not visible. When the highest priority alarm is dealt with, the symbol will indicate the next priority alarm and so on.

The option “Alarm indication on symbol” is set in the Object properties’ Display tab.

Maintenance alarms must first be defined

To display a maintenance alarm in the Supervise diagram and the alarm list, the alarm must first be defined by the system designer in the Definition module (Edit > Alarm texts …) and then selected under “Alarm fired when job is due” in the maintenance job form in the Maintenance module.