Translation Tool

Don't get lost in translation

With the IGSS Translation Tool you can translate all texts in your Definition Project to another language. With a multi language project, the Operator can change the language in IGSS Master and it will be reflected in Supervise.

Using the Translation Tool

Source and Target...

The translation tool (ConfigTranslate.exe) can be located in your IGSS installation folder, typically:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\IGSS32\V15.0\GSS

After startup you first point to the location of your Project, and open the .ELM file.

Now you can select Source language and Target language, or create a new Target language, if it has not been specified.

Import and Export...

You can only add or change a single row of Target Text by double clicking the item.

But typically when you want to translate a large Project, you will Export the language pair to Microsoft Excel®.

From Excel texts can be entered or other language translation tools supporting the format can be used to do the translation job.

When complete the Excel files can be imported.


Please make sure you are not working on the Project in Definition / System Configuration or a running Project while importing.
We recommend working on a copy of your entire Project folder.

IGSS Project Translation Tool