Statistical HTML Report for Graphs

Analysis on the fly

Using HTML reports on graphs operators will be able to quickly analyse the data presented in the graph.
This feature is can be used simply by selecting HTML Report on the graph toolbar or in the graph menu:

Generate Graph Report

The HTML report in generated directly in Supervise from an Embedded Graph or from a Graph Window.
Reports may include both analog and digital objects, each signal type presented with different statistical results.

Each analog signal shows result for:

  • Maximum value (including time for occurrence).
  • Minimum Value (including time for occurrence).
  • Average.
  • Change (including begin and end value).
  • Standard deviation.
  • Sum (Area below the curve, meaningful for flow (l/s, m3/h etc.) .
  • Number of data points.

Each digital signal shows result for:

  • Number of state changes.
  • Top states including time active as timespan and % of period length.
  • Number of data points.
Each statistical result can be toggled off, as it might not add any value for a given type of data.

Report in browser

When Generate is selected the statistical results are written to a HTML file which is then presented in the default browser on the system.

The graph report may include a snapshot of the graph itself if selected under Report includes.

From the browser, the report, can now easily be printed or saved as pdf for further analysis or future use.

Note that if the graph is zoomed, the Zoom overview will be included in the graph snapshot. If this is undesired, the Zoom Overview chart can be hidden before generating the Report. The same goes for other graph tools like “Show Values”.

If part of data for the graph period selected has not been retrieved or has not been logged, the report will state, at the bottom of each statistical result, that the data is incomplete.

If you wish to change the style of the HTML report, it is possible doing so by modifying the graphstyle.css file in the output folder for the graph. The output folder is the current user’s temp directory.

For more details on using Graph Reports please see the IGSS Supervise Help.

Graph report in HTML with statistical results