Severity improvements for v15

New possibilities

In version 15 we have improved various areas in concerning the severity indication in Supervise.
With these improvements we continue our journey of ISA 101 implementing a “High Performance” HMI.


Severity icons in Embedded Alarm List

Severity icons was missing in Embedded Alarm list in Supervise. To align with the Alarm module, the a severity column can now be added to the list.

Embedded Alarm List with Severity Icons.

Severity icons for Bar, Button, Rectangle, Rectangular Field and Text.

Severity indications with alarm frame and icon were previously only available for Symbols and Animated Symbols.

With version 15 the above descriptors can draw severity indication enabling wider use of this functionality.

Various descriptors supporting Severity alarm icon and frame indication.

Severity icon overlap

Whether you are using the built in symbol icons to indicate specific state on a descriptor, or your own custom symbols, you may wish to adjust the distance from the descriptor.
This can be done by setting the Icon overlap (x,y), to specify how much the state icons should overlap with the descriptor itself.

Setting Icon overlap in System Configuration.
With or without Icon overlap set (5 pixels).

Please note that the Icon overlap setting is Station wide, meaning it applies to all descriptors in the Project with severity/state indication icons.

Hide Severity icon/frame indication

Having added support for severity icons and frame for additional descriptors, will perhaps result in severity indication on navigation buttons or other places, where the indication is unwanted. To avoid this, you will now be able to hide severity indication, while maintaining the alarm indication on the descriptor.

Hide Severity alarm icon/frame indication from the Display tab.

Note: If your IGSS 15 installation does not include the above feature please run IGSS Update.