Pan and Zoom in definition

Get around with ease

Using Pan and Zoom will make it easier to get around on the diagram as a designer while drawing and positioning elements.

Using the features


Panning in Definition will allow the designer to pan more freely in the design canvas. With Pan in Definition you can now leave all design tools locked on top and easily navigate to the bottom of your diagram. 

The design canvas can be moved with either of the following 2 methods:

  • Method 1: Press and hold space while moving the mouse.
  • Method 2: Use the scroll wheel to move up and down. Hold Shift to move left and right.

Note that the position of the design canvas will reset if you restart Definition.

The canvas is offset a bit, showing coordinates of the workspace area.

Zoom with Magnifier

This function will allow the designer to work more accurate within Definition especially checking that things are aligned.

To activate the Magnifier press the Win and + key.

Now you can zoom and you can even change the type of zoom, to the one you prefer.
To exit press Win and Esc key.

Zoom can also be activated from the Standard Toolbar and from the View->Magnifier menu.

The Windows Magnifier made easily accessible.

To read more about these features please see the Definition Help.